Adult Computer Classes

Dickinson Public Library offers our patrons free computer classes each month covering various topics. Taking computer classes will help further your knowledge of computer skills and give you more confidence when using computers. Knowledge of the most used applications such as Microsoft Office will give you the edge you need to be successful in today's job market.
All Tuesday classes are 1 hour in length and all Friday and Saturday (vary monthly) classes are 1.5 hours in length. Space is limited and some classes may fill quickly. To reserve your seat at any of our monthly computer classes, please stop by the library or call us at 281-534-3812.

Tuesday Morning Class

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Computer Class Schedule
Computer Class Suggestion Form / One-on-One Form

If you have a suggestion for a class that you think might be beneficial to teach, please fill out the form below and our IT/Youth Librarian will look into adding the topic to our schedule.

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Computer Class FAQ
1. Are there any fees for signing up for class?

No, there is no fee. All computer classes are free and open to the public. We do ask that you sign up in advance so that our instructor will know the number of materials needed for each class.

2. How long is each class?

Tuesday classes are an hour long and Friday/Saturday are hour and a half.

3. If I miss a class, can I still get the material from that session?

Yes, Just come to the reference desk and ask to speak with our IT/Youth Librarian about getting class materials from the missed session.

4. Do you offer One-on-One session?

Yes, although we ask that you fill out an appointment form so that our librarian can schedule time to do one on one session.

5. Do you offer classes on Apple Products?

Yes, we do have a class that introduce Apple products. If you are looking for specific topics, please come by and speak with our IT/Youth Librarian.

If you have any questions about our Adult Computer Classes, please give us a call at (281)-534-3812 or come by and speak with us in person.